COVID-19 Insights: Could Vitamin C Help with COVID-19? Updated for 2022

Updated: July 4, 2022

Here are the references and my notes Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) Found in plants, citrus fruits, tomatoes, and green vegetables Water soluble hence extra dose is …


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  1. Many thousands of people use vitamin C in high doses up to 200 g per day to get rid of viruses within a day or two. There has never been a study that shows that these high doses do not reduce viral infection. Thousands of people all over the world know that Vitamin C works.

  2. I really hope you continue these videos. I have a strong passion for medicine and the human body after becoming ill for ten years and it was my will to start from the basics to reading countless authored books, journals, food science to many other related subjects. I feel now gifted with a mind to navigate myself through circumstances to keep myself in good health. My medical condition was resolved by myself after countless physician visits. I feel better and quite proud of myself for coming this far. You should keep the education flowing to help all of us. Thank you for your gifted mind.

  3. Some people won't take mega doses of Vitamin C as instructed. But Andrew Saul says even taking 1000mg a day is far far better than taking none. For the naysayers, Vitamin C in not zero effective. Maybe it's only 50% effective; so what, I'll take it!!!

  4. Hello, this is my first time watching you and i just want to say i admire your profound projection of teaching this subject, you made it very clear and gather the information unbiasedly.

  5. Just to clarify on Dr. Linus Pauling’s findings along with Dr. Cathcart and Dr. Klenner who were using IV vit C along with oral dosaging any oxidative stree even if someone was in an alcoholic stupor patients were given Vit C to counteract those stressors on the body and worked. Also, oranges have one the least amounts of Vit C. Hence the phrase limey for scurvy bcs limes were given to those on ships to counteract scurvy. I am glad that there are medical professionals considering something outside the realm of pharma to stave off illnesses and viruses naturally with zero side effects. The literally is there as long as you go back before medicine was hijacked by the FDA and big Pharma

  6. IV Vitamin C helped my son. For several years he had what doctors called "Fever of unknown Origin" Which basically meant they had no idea what caused it. About once a week he would have a huge spike in fever for about 12 to 24 hours. We were sent to a specialist who also had no idea and suggested possible invasive surgery. I took him to a Doctor who had helped many people with IV Vitamin C. My son has one session and never had the fever again.

  7. how can we lay people get large doses into us given that oral vit C just doesn't get absorbed well enough. that right? And If that is right then how come an orange or some food can give you 'enough' – i.e. the vitamin C in it is apparently well absorbed. Does that mean that we need vitamin C within a food if we are going to take it orally?

    Understand what I'm asking? Failing IV what's the best way to take vitamin C and how to measure via that route how much we are taking? Because IV is not a available to us generally.

    And thanks for the video. Very pleasant to watch. And informative. 🙂

  8. Can I have some advice? I believe I might have an autoimmune disorder (possibly MS) I’ve also come down with covid symptoms and I’m having trouble breathing. Would megadosing vit C exacerbate my MS? I need a way to both stop the virus from replicating without causing further nerve damage. In times like these it’s so hard to find medical treatment 🙁

  9. Unfortunately, this is very much like an autoimmune attack. Fact checker sites are the internet's immune system. Unfortunately, immune systems sometimes attack things that they should not. This is what is happening with Vitamin C. Because some trials were made with very low doses some years ago, and some experiments were mucked up they say it has no effect. What works is very large doses (10s of grams) or IV sodium ascorbate. Masses of science is showing this effect. However, this knowledge is under an auto-immune attack from fact-checker websites such as this one. Even worse, people who cure themselves with it and put the evidence on YouTube get their videos pulled or downgraded by YouTube. Understand this as an autoimmune attack by the fact checker sitesrather than a plot by big Phama.

  10. What sounded to me like Dr. Paul is Dr. Linus Pauling, a double Nobel Laureate, with neither shared, i hear.

  11. Before Gold’s Gym Venice shut down due to Corona I ran in to Arnold Schwarzenegger there. He mentioned taking something called Amino Alliance to boost his vasodilation for deep sleep. Better sleep is the best immunity. The vasodilation helps also to deliver replenishing substances in to cell. Vitamin C is not that effective unless you vasodilate.

  12. Vitamin C is a dangerous supplement. If everyone starts taking it Mr. Zuckerberg'$ Big Pharma buddies and their hospital franchises will loose millions of regular customers, AND WE CAN'T AFFORD THAT! Action must be therefore be taken. Saul, Beatle, Cheng, Dr. Linus Pauling (Oh yea! He's already dead.), and the rest of these 'C' Subversives must be arrested and sent in chains to the Tower of London. Then the sheeple will hear, fear, and then forget all about that Vitamin C nonsense.

  13. very informative about one of the ways Vitamin C works in the cell. I take a different more simple path possibility. First being as an engineer studies are not science ..may be interesting but we need science before. Example the pathogen is anaerobic and Vit C

    is really H2O2 so has the single active oxygen atom should eliminate any pathogen. History looking back to Pauling and Riordan it was the "cure" for almost everything.but ignored. backing up….all disease they say is anaerobic…all? it looks that way. then C can eliminate anything? Yes and that is almost too much to handle .The same with CLO2 that has the wild single atom of oxygen.

    Vitamin C turns into Peroxide and that is used in rockets. Richard Cheng did 50 patients in China all cured with Vit C IV. Since it is not harmful at effective common doses even up to 100grams MD Mao China then do we have to murder another person or 100,000 before it is accepted? It looks that way. That is why we need your expertise to put the science together for what is happening on the front line. We can't ignore the work of Humble, Andreas Kalcker with CLO2 . Related reality is we lose 10 million a year globally to cancer after Simoncini after Simoncini found the answer to tumor and soft tissue cancers 100% effective. keep up the good work.

  14. Did anybody mention here that liposomal (Sp?) vitamin C does not cause gastro problems. I take 1 g oral lipo vitamin C AND d3/k2. Don't get cold or flu for several years of doing this until this early January. I got a little lazy taking vitamins but the virus I got was pretty weird. Cough, sore throat, tired. Dragged on beyond flu but didn't have wet cough or nasal problem like cold (I usually get clogged ears, too). Got it early January in USA so couldn't be a mild covid, right? Husband only takes vitamin C and he got it much worse. Daughter only takes vitamin C and got strep throat, then the virus, then strep again. Sore throat the whole time. I think C works better with D and zinc/selenium. Also magnesium/potassium helps with sleep which boosts health. Thanks for talking about the IV vitamin C I first heard of mega vitamin C from Linus Pauling book. Don't think he knew about D/K2 because his wife died of cancer.

  15. partially correct. First of all intravenos vit c is expensive. Vit c can be taken up to bowel tolerance. Liposomal vit c much more effective and is gentle on the stomach.

  16. Want to kill a virus? Attack it with another virus. Problem solved. Which virus? Think outside the box, that's all i'm allowed to share.

  17. I appreciate a lot of this information and the way you present it. That said, I must disagree about the recommended amount of vitamin C. Last summer I was seriously sick, to the point of needing surgery. Taking oral vitamin C (9-12 grams a day, 3 grams every six hours) among other vitamins and juicing, definitely kept my condition from getting worse and also helped in my recovery. My doctor and his colleagues were surprised I was not worse off. I'm telling you what I told them.

    I now take 1-3 grams a day (through vitamins or food) as a 'staying healthy' dose.

    I am with you about the differences in effectiveness between IV and oral vitamin C. That's why it's best to spread out the doses.

    About those megadoses! Two New York hospitals are giving some Covid-19 patients IV vitamin C at a dose of 6-9 grams/day (1.5g/4-6x).

    And this Covid-19 study in China (maybe you saw another one) is 24 grams/day for 7 days.

  18. Great research. NOT DR PAUL.
    This is Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling.
    Quack advice from this yt.
    Big Parma shill becuz big pharma can't make money off vitamin c.
    Question from resigned in disgust RPh, what drug company do you work for?

    Do you know where and when the RDA levels came from? How much different is our soil and water today?
    A lab growing spinach in our valley has discovered sucralose is the plant. What does that tell you about an unhealthy plant, not providing good nutrients.


  20. WAY TOO TECHNICAL, WITH FORMULAS ON THE WHITE BOARD. THIS ISN'T A COLLEGE COURSE IS IT? ISN'T THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO FOR LAYMEN OR NOT? I'm afraid I have just tuned out. I am familiar with Dr. Linus Pauling's Research From The 70s "Craze". Doesn't 1 Orange Just Contain About 250 mg C? Isn't it cheap? Why Does It Matter If You Pee It Out.
    Larger Oral Doses Don't Help. Where Has This Guy Been The Last Nearly 50 Years. I Remember A Guy Who Was Doing The I.V. Mega Dose Vit. C Back Then With Some Remarkable Results. My Observation Is That Most Nutritionists Back Then Said The "RDA" Recommended Daily Allowance Was Tiny Compared To What Could Be Used Therapeutically. This Hasn't Really Helped Very Much. Too Bad.

  21. “ Please “ Talk Foods Not Pills “
    “ That is Not Transparency “
    “ Educate “ All The Facts First And All The New Fats Too For Truth Discernment’s “

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