6 Gems and Minerals Much Rarer (and Cooler) Than Diamonds Updated for 2022

Updated: July 4, 2022

No offense to that rock you may have on your finger, but these gems and minerals are so hard to find, they put most diamonds to shame. Skillshare is offering …


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  1. I hate it when the heat treat or modify a crystal in some way in order to sell it. I don't know about the rest of the world but I find beauty in the fact nature created it in the first place

  2. I have a couple pieces of rough Tanzanite. They're very pretty. Another one I have that is said to be rare is Larimar. It can be found only in the Dominican Republic. I have a love for crystals and I've put together a nice collection.

  3. Do I think diamond demand was created by corporations? Yes. Am I suspicious of corporations? Yes. Did I still want a diamond as my wedding ring? Yes. 🙃😌

  4. All these just on earth, imagine how many environments on other planets are housing ultra rare minerals.

  5. One of the rarest coloured gemstones is Alexandrite, with it being $15,000 per carat and can be well over $50,000 over one carat it's definitely a very pretty and neat little gemstone. It's also a rare form of chrysoberyl with a chemical formula of BeAl2O4.

  6. Tanzanite is no longer available because the country has cut off all of it being exported. My mother passed away a number of months ago and left a bracelet necklace and ring set of Tanzanite. It is gorgeous if you see it up close. 🙂

  7. Moldavite would've been another great mineral for the list. It was formed by a meteorite impact 15 million years ago. Although probably not as rare as these gems, it's a rare occurrence to say the least.

  8. If a material goes from a gas to a solid it is called "Deposition". Sublimation is the reverse of this (Solid -> Gas i.e. Dry Ice)

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