Daughter – Medicine (Lyrics) [Five Feet Apart] Updated for 2022

Updated: June 16, 2022

“Medicine” by Daughter with lyrics. *Stella’s in surgery for her lung transplant* Movie trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cJ7MT1RTqs “Five Feet Apart” …


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  1. I have CF as well. When I’m at home I have to have this long ass oxegyn tube that goes around my house and it gets tangled SO MUCH!! omg anyway that’s besides the point.

    This disease doesn’t define me. I’ve seen a few people in the comments fake having CF. you can tell by the way they talk about it….. not accurate at all… anyway… I really really loved this movie. Of course the whole 5 feet apart thing isn’t accurate but… it’s Hollywood what can you expect. any awareness is good awareness. I have a cold right now so I am having to take it easy. I’m just vibing on the couch while watching 5 feet apart again. While doing a breathing treatment.
    Basically my day consists of waking up (hopefully) taking my meds, checking off to make sure I actually took ALL OF THEM, do my treatments, eat a shit ton, then after that I’m normally pretty tired so I go to sleep. Then I wake up and do another breathing treatment…. eat once again, then take a shower (most the time). Having CF isn’t as chill as people make it out to be. I mean… I get to be pulled outta class so that’s the best part 😂😂

    anyone else out there with CF remember that you’re perfect, you are beautiful no matter how many scars you have, you are worth it and you are so much more than your illness. I love you. Take it easy 💛💛

  2. For the man that I will always love…

    I hope you realize all your dreams, remember when you told me you would like to become a pianist in the future? Go for it. I'm proud of the man you've become. I miss you every single second of my life, I remember when we hugged and it was new year's Eve and I fell asleep, I remember you looking at me and your eyes was as bright and beautiful as the stars, I remember your beautiful and unique smile and how hard you would make me laugh when you used to tell me your stupid jokes. I remember when you were sitting on the chair of the school and I made you fell down. I'm sorry I didn't know how to show you how much I loved you, I'm sorry I was so fucking stupid and now I see, now I see how better you are without me, it's a battle to live every day pretending I'm not sad, that I'm ok, so people won't ask, but it's not. I was so dumb, that I decided to follow other's people opinion, instead of my feelings. I won't even talk to you anymore, I won't look at your eyes, I won't send any messages for you anymore, because I want to see you happy, even if it's without me. I only realized how much I loved you when I let you go and this was the biggest mistake of my entire life, I'm feeling so lost

  3. Songs that hits home
    1- medicine daughter
    2- all I want Kodaline
    3- yeah right Joji
    4- hold me while you wait Lewis Capaldi
    5- waves Dean
    6-Be alright Dean Lewis
    7 – breathe me Sia
    8- pain Josh A
    9- anything by Nf
    10-runaway lil peep
    Make this a chain please

  4. One foot
    One fucking foot
    Of space,of distance,of length,what ever you wanna call it
    I don’t mind taking that back
    Because CF,you’re not the thief anymore!
    I’m the thief now!

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