Cataracts: There is a Cure Updated for 2022

Updated: May 21, 2022

Doctors say if you live long enough, it’s not a matter of if you develop cataracts; it’s a matter of when. Dr. John Snead, an eye surgeon on the medical staff of Lee …


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  1. What the freaking h*** does this have to do with Castor oil It's like somebody hijacked the video name to put this app for I surgery up what a bunch crapp

  2. Nano-grade eye drops definitely can cure cataracts because those AGEs and/or AGEs similar
    wastes can be adsorbed by nano-particles of nano-grade eye drops. However, diabetic
    catacts can be effectively and reversed by nano-grade eye drops but can't be cured
    by it because diabetics are producing AGEs daily.

    It's too risky for diabetics to have IOL (intraocular lens) surgery. No wonder
    ophthalmologists are so afraid of diabetics for IOL surgery because side effects
    are not predictable.

  3. Cataract can be used by using BLACK SEED OIL DAILY and going on a water fast. How do i know BECAUSE MY MOTHER HAD CATARACTS AND NOW SHE HAS PERFECT VISON. sugery doesn't solve the problem. You need 2 cleanse the body if you don't you will keep going to get surgery like my mother did

  4. I have duchenne muscular dystrophy and I am 15 and I developed cataracts a year ago because of steroids and I am in a wheelchair wish they mentioned cure 🤔

  5. I'm not a doctor. I've read that calcium can cause cataracts. I have also done a lot of digging and found that Pharmaceutical Grade Castor oil can dissolve cataracts. 1 drop at bedtime in each eye or do 1 eye at a time, see how it works. I only wish I'd known this before I had the surgery!! Now I see worse than I did when I had the cataracts! I wish I'd never had the surgery.

  6. I'm 31 pls my doctor says i have cataract that i must go for surgery…. Please doctor i don't wot to go for surgery…. Wot casu can i use… For my eye …please i don't wot to go to surgery

  7. The amount of misinformation in this comment section is hilarious. Just a bunch of senile old fools pretending they know better than ophthalmologists, what a laugh riot.

  8. Old out dated medical advice . Eat your greens , take a vitamin, exercise. Its only that is missing everything else…..……………….

  9. Your doctor might suggest surgery if your cataracts start getting in the way of everyday activities like reading, driving, or watching TV. During cataract surgery, the doctor removes the clouded lens and replaces it with a new, artificial lens (also called an intraocular lens, or IOL). This surgery is very safe, and 9 out of 10 people who get it can see better afterwards.

  10. This is an infomercial !! What about using the exercises of Dr. WILLIAM BATES, MD. to improve the eye muscles !! I have used them off and on (when needed) over the years…and it GREATLY IMPROVES the vision. I am 76 and still can read and see long distances clearly. I PALM MY EYES ..and BLINK FOR 1/2 HR. when my eyes are tired. The book….The Bates Method for BETTER EYESIGHT WITHOUT GLASSES. All the best to anyone being brave enough to try it won't be disappointed..if you are diligent.

  11. Each product for developing eye-sight has failed me, however vision enhancement procedure is certainly a deal-breaker. I seen that my eye-sight enhanced within just 14 days and that I continue using it. Blurriness has minimized tremendously and my eyes don`t feel painful anymore and focus is much clearer than before!. .

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