The 2020 Flu Season So Far Updated for 2022

Updated: May 31, 2022

Dr. Rachel Hailey from Lee’s Summit Medical Center discusses the severity 2019-2020 flu season, how to tell the flu from a cold and the uptick in RSV.


30 Comments on “The 2020 Flu Season So Far Updated for 2022”

  1. Now second wave is the Spanish flu . Came out in 1918. So history is repeating itself. Nope I ain't taking no vaccine that later on is going hurts my life🙏🙏 I'll do my home redemy ❤ no thank you!

  2. Before the Coronavirus has all happened, On November, all of my family and me got a contagious coughing flu. And now that I think about it… that's how the Coronavirus happened because of the United States transferring it? I mean… in 2019 there a cold season flu in America that spreads

  3. 03-03-20 flu panic shopping underway. Home use tissue stocks all but gone.
    People racing their grocery carts into over health goods, sport drinks, home
    cleaning chemicals. Weird things like sweet onions being suddenly in demand
    and beauty products are less popular than beer or liquor. In the checkout line
    old people are nervously joking or paying close attention to a blowhard loudly
    ranting about how bad the Spanish Influenza was to the USA in 1918. Young
    folks smiling but quiet. Departing I noticed a longer line than usual to access
    the nearest vehicle fueling pumps. Me? I'm a senior citizen.

  4. So the flue has disappeared and now everyone that has the flu will be diagnosed with COVID-19. Got to keep the numbers up to create a diversion from what's really happening. Government in crises'. God help us if the socialists' gain power.

  5. I was told I had the flu on Valentine’s Day🤦🏾‍♀️I went to the Dr. after work and was diagnosed within 20 minutes. I was put on medicine for 5 days! I’m very healthy and I still got the flu🤦🏾‍♀️😷I usually don’t get a flu shoot because my Immune system is strong at least I thought it was🤦🏾‍♀️the worst mistake I made was I didn’t get the 💉 I work among people who comes to work knowing they are sick 😷 I understand some people can’t afford to miss work I think it’s SELFISH I need to work too! I was told by my doctor to rest and drink lots of fluids so that is what I did! The flu ain’t no joke I was weak, fatigued and that sore throat and cough lasted forever I don’t understand how people work feeling like this 😷

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