Simple Immunity Boosting Tips by Sadhguru | Sadhguru Updated for 2022

Updated: May 24, 2022

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46 Comments on “Simple Immunity Boosting Tips by Sadhguru | Sadhguru Updated for 2022”

  1. High time to check our Immunity-nutrition & way of life.

    Don't die due to the effect of self created misery.

    Death which is inevitable should be natural and you should be consious of leaving the exit moment.

    Hari Om

  2. Namaste Sadhguru ji. Thank you very much for this information its very important your words are highly appreciated your words are true in the sence of our living. You are very clear in ur understanding God bless you and u hope i continue learning and teaching my self throught ur words so thank you

  3. How long according to your prediction to find cure? Everyone is saying 14 April the effect will be low after this date. Whatโ€™s your prediction Guruji

  4. 1.ash
    4.amla soaked in honey and pepper
    5.chanting and isha kriya
    My personal additions:
    1.SLEEP for 6to 7 hours as body heals &strengthens immune system
    2.pranayam (breathing exercises)
    Its improves ur lung capacities

  5. Amla is not available all the year round so how to do it daily any tips plz, can we do it one evening in a year and use year long

  6. can some1 plz clarify what Sadguru has mentioned in this video: Dry Amla has be soaked in Honey alongwith Black pepper power overnight?? thanks in adv

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