How does the body fight a virus? (immune system) Updated for 2022

Updated: June 29, 2022

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  2. When a ancient virus goes into your body Immune system: Im going to kill you with all the mighty power When a immune system buddy dies already im going to have to call all units but not the memory cells.

  3. +5MinuteSchool. this was good, but is there a video to explain why and when viruses attack the body.
    If I remember correctely we are made with lots of viruses , germs, bacteria.

    I guess I am curious why do they get trigger sometimes and not other times

    Is there something to stop viruses from attacking? TU

  4. This covid-19 is a biological war against all people: the globalization gang that plans and executes this should be urgently tried in an international tribunal and receive the heaviest punishment.

  5. How can you skip over how each cell has its own eyes to scan other cells? How does that work exactly? So each cell has its own brain too? Since they decide if other cells are good or bad….I call bs

  6. Good explanation. This is exactly how the immune system will work should anyone be unfortunate enough to be infected with corona.

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