Flu season 2018-19 and vaccine hot topics: Mayo Clinic Radio Updated for 2022

Updated: June 24, 2022

On the Mayo Clinic Radio podcast, Dr. Gregory Poland, director of the Vaccine Research Group at Mayo Clinic, discusses the importance of the flu vaccine and …


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  1. If you get sick a lot or feel that your risks are reduced if you get
    the vaccine then so be it. But for those of us who rarely if ever get sick and
    see the shot as riskier than our chances of getting the flu, then let it be our
    choice not to get the vaccine. I went 30 years without any complaints or
    hospitalizations for a respiratory infection. But I was mandated last year to
    get the flu shot by my employer. That same day I became sick and remained sick
    for 2 – 3 months with what I would describe as a severe cold and I had
    debilitating pain in my shoulder to the point where I could hardly raise it
    over my head which also lasted for that same 2 – 3 months. After this period,
    the sickness lightened up slightly to where I didn't feel the need for cold and
    flu meds but it did not completely go away. For the next three months, I
    thought that since I felt a little better and my arm had regained function then
    I must be past the sickness and that the residual runny nose, coughing, and
    sneezing which I continued to experience must be allergies, as that was
    suggested as an explanation by my doctor. Near the end of this next 3 months of
    thinking that I had allergies, I got horribly sick, reaching the point where I
    thought I was going to die. For the first time ever, I went to the Emergency
    room for a respiratory illness. The first ER I went to I was asked if I had
    gotten the flu vaccine and I said yes. They swabbed my nose and throat for
    tests and I was told that I had a viral infection. They gave me a fever reducer
    then sent me home on instructions to take tylenol and ibprofen as needed for
    fever and it should go away. I tried to manage the body pain and the fevers for
    about a week as they got worse until I reached the point where I could not
    breath well. I went back to a different ER and I was diagnosed with pneumonia. (The
    last time I had pneumonia was over 30 years ago as a toddler) I was given and
    antibiotic. I recovered to the mediocre condition that I was in just prior to
    the this most recent sickness. (I call it mediocre compared to the condition I
    remembered from before I got the flu vaccine but in comparison to the last 6
    months it was good condition with allergies.)

     I continued with the runny nose and sneezing spells which were worse in the
    mornings and at night. I continued to think it must be allergies. Then about 3
    months later I began to come down with the same symptoms that I had prior to my
    last visit to the ER. I tried to control it with over the counter meds for
    about a week and a half and then I felt it moving to my lungs as it had
    previously. I went to the doctor and was prescribed antibiotics again. Now in
    both instances I was in peek physical condition and always have been. I score
    consistently 300 on the military physical test. I have never struggled with my
    immune system functionality before the flu shot triggered these issues. It has
    now been almost a year since my first hand hopefully last flu vaccine and I am
    finally feeling like I might be back to the healthy condition that I had before
    the flu shot. I am not sneezing or having runny nose or mucus or any allergy or
    cold symptoms. This is the first time since my flu vaccination last year that I
    can say that. But now it is again mandatory flu vaccine time. Which means legal
    punishment for me if I don't accept it. I don't want to tell anyone what to do
    but there is a lot of falsies used to make people think that the flu shot
    should be mandatory like other vaccines but it truly is not supported on the
    same foundation as other vaccines. I do believe in the effectiveness and in
    trust of other vaccines. However, the flu vaccine seems to carry more risk than
    benefit and it is difficult to find evidence that proves otherwise especially
    for me and many others that have had these same experiences.

  2. My clinic is having a hard time getting the high dose vaccine. My facility purchased Flurarix. Should we inoculate a second time. Currently, we are out of the high dose and the physicians want to reinoculated. Do you have any commentary on it?

  3. I swear by high dose vit c every time I get a sore throat, symptoms go away and good to go again. Never had a flu vaccine. I work in a hospital and refuse it every year. You guys making this video are so brainwashed. Tell the public to stop eating junk and build immune system. Cant listen to you anymore

  4. There is no such thing as Flu Season, there is only Vitamin A & D deficiency season. You will note that you may spend a lot of time indoors because it is cold outside. Therefore you are not getting enough Sunlight. The Sun on your skin produces Vitamin D. You get vitamin A from fresh veggies, especially the orange ones.

  5. Not eating all that garbage food other people eat seems to be working better for me than flu shots. I have never bothered to get one and everyone at work seems to get sick more often with worse symptoms. If I get sick I barely notice it.

  6. We are extremely lucky to be able to live in a time where vaccines exist. Do your body a favor and get vaccinated. Don't listen to this ridiculous, big pharma conspiracy garbage.

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