COVID-19 Update 2: How to stop an epidemic – Herd immunity Updated for 2022

Updated: May 22, 2022

In this video, you will learn about the basic principle used in combating epidemics called herd immunity. Having susceptible individuals protected as a result of a …


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  1. "Herd immunity, protect the economy, and if that means some pensioners die, too bad."
    Boris Johnson's chief adviser, Dominic Cummings

    The 1918 Spanish flu
    My father being the health officer was
    very concerned about the Indians who
    were our neighbors, they were only six
    miles away, so dad and the city marshal
    rode up there to see how things were going at the Indian camps,
    and they were horrified at what they saw.
    After an Indian died his family and
    friends were sent around chanting him to
    the happy hunting grounds and they'd
    spent all night there and by that time
    they were all exposed everybody had the
    flu that ultimately killed about half of
    the Indians, no one was safe in Washington.

    The Secret Killer Flu
    The 1918 Spanish Flu

  2. There will things things in nature and the environment itself that will cause this virus to die out. Within humans even those who are susceptible they too will build immunity despite the fact of kept prisoners at home things will happen that computers graphs numbers scientific models projections could never predict

  3. I enjoyed your video. But I have a question for you. With R0=2 the Herd Immunity Threshold (HIT) is 50%. But when I run the SIR model with R0=2, it predicts that almost 80% of the population will get sick (in absence of a vaccine). Any thoughts on that?

  4. Step one. Wake up. Step two. Ger a life. Step three. Stop bowing down to your media gods.

    The epidemic of a mind virus is a tough one to beat.

  5. Christians: We don't believe in vaccines for our children.
    Also Christians: Hopefully there is a vaccination for Covid 19 soon. Let us pray.

  6. This is a vaccination promotion video. You have completely ignored those that recovered naturally. THAT is herd immunity. You are giving the Marxist/Bill Gates approach…nice try

  7. How to stop a pandemic?
    Answer: PRAY TO JESUS CHRIST !!!
    -pray for forgiveness
    -pray for protection
    -pray for peace
    -pray about everythingggg

  8. Problem with this theory is that most likely you can't develop immunity to a potentially unintentional bioweapon that escaped the lab because you didn't co-evolve with it. And all evidence show that there's no immunity thus far, just a messed up immune system.

    Unfortunately to this day China hasn't been transparent to how this airborne AIDS came to be.

    May I remind you that Lancet journal published a report that showed earlier cases didn't come from the market, and no bats that carry the specific virus exist in Wuhan

  9. some years back SARS emerged for which no vaccine has been produced yet. had it been produced would that be enough for immunity against corona virus ? probably not . so what if we develop vaccine for corona virus and immunize masses but some years later some other XYZ virus emerge so where will the world be standing ? why can't we develop natural immunity in masses against these viruses ???

  10. Throughout history, we can see that every few years a new virus comes out. The virus infects a whole lot of people. We humans go into panic mode. The economy tanks.
    Perhaps instead of all of the quarantine. We should go out. Put a temporary limit on how long stores may be open for. People who do not have life sustaining jobs are going to get sick of being locked in their homes, and will eventually say screw it and take the fines. They will go out.
    Fresh air and sun is good for people.

  11. This concerns me. The more people infected, the more chances a virus will have to mutate. It would seem the balance between natural immunity and mutations is completely unpredictable. When considering infecting a large number of people (herd) with a relatively lethal virus this seems very unwise.

  12. Question : what are the chances that an infected-immune person will not spread or pass the virus to other people be for they are fully recovered? I think it doesn't matter whether the infected person is immune or not they still spread to others as long as they have it. So, it infects the whole herd, except the isolated ones. The strongest will survive and the weaker one's will die.

  13. Logically (I'm not a epidemiologist, but I can think), we can still achieve a kind of herd immunity without a vaccine because exposure to the virus will produce antibodies, just like a vaccine. Most who are exposed to COVID-19 will either be asymptomatic or will get sick but will recover, and most members of both these groups will have immunity. Thus, by exposure to COVID-19, herd immunity is developed. On the other hand, avoiding exposure completely in a no-vaccine scenario means that those who would have been exposed and would have developed immunity will not have been exposed and will not have developed immunity. Later, when they emerge from their quarantine, remnants of the virus will infect them, and a situation we thought was behind us will emerge all over again.

  14. I don't get it, if we don't have vaccine the only way for immunisation is to get infected and this will be 100% of population eventually! Those vulnerable ones will die!

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