APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: What's All The Hype About? (Science-Based) Updated for 2022

Updated: May 23, 2022

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47 Comments on “APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: What's All The Hype About? (Science-Based) Updated for 2022”

  1. What do you guys think? Have you tried Apple Cider Vinegar? Sometimes anecdotes can be very enlightening (as long as we keep their limitations in mind). What did you find it helpful for (if anything)?

  2. Since i was a kid it really is somehow sad being the kid with a non-ideal body. After trying out apple cider vinegar, i found out that they really do massive changes to your body. My body changed a lot but i'd say it is not only because of the apple cider vinegar, i did worked hard for it tho. But in case yall want to learn more about the many benefits of apple cider vinegar, you can read about it here ur welcome 🙂

  3. Sauerkraut, pickles, etc…… fermented food is probiotic rich (including apple cider vinegar). Re-check your laptop research, doc…….lol.

  4. Oh, wow. You cite studies that indicate positive results. Then conclude that these results aren’t positive enough or for people that don’t need the result. I think this video is “busted.”

  5. Your wrong about its affect on simple sugars I have some blood research on my self . It did the same blood flattening with simple as it did with complex sugars.

  6. It definitely works. Altho its a bit subtle. The stuff will make you lose a tiny bit of fat. It benefits those that are normal weight with some extra bloat. After 2 weeks, all that ugly pasty bloat dissapears leaving a sleek trim stomach and jawline…but no, its not gonna make a fat person thin magically.

  7. Lol it is good for promoting good gut bacteria, and I’ve never felt nauseous once consuming it. Could slam a protein shake right after for that matter with no stomach issues

  8. i have been drinking 6 table spoons a day for 30 yrs am 68 yrs old dont git sick ,been also feeding to my horses to lived to be 32 and 34 for and were still being rode very often and have one 45 yrs old still alive and working apple cider vinegar works

  9. I suggest watching the acv video from
    Dr. Sten Ekberg he debunks Jeff's point about the mother bacteria getting destroyed just because the stomach's acidity is higher. Dr. Sten Ekberg's video was overall better for understanding the benefits of acv. Unfortunately it's clear to me that Jeff didn't do sufficient research or maybe isn't informed enough to understand how acv is great for those of us who have a poor diet or are looking to lose weight

  10. I really like Jeff, and what he contributes. Sometimes I'm really let down by his understanding of scientific methods and testing. And then how the results can be extrapolated. I see this a lot on most of his videos, not solely here, but carrying forward to the present. Talking about strengths and weakness of studies, it usually comes out that there are a lot of errors. I only say this because the content is promoted as "science-based." Bottom line.. we all need to be smart consumers of recommendations given by any fitness professional, and look closely at the research that is being cited and what it actually means

  11. I generally like your videos but this is a bad one and makes me question your other videos. Your conclusions or rather assumptions doesn't pass the sniff test – you can't compare an apple and the fermented chemically altered ACV. Reading through the comments many others have picked up on your bias… I particularly liked one comment "If you want cheese, just drink milk" LOL. By your logic skip the ACV, just eat an apple. For the record, I'm not a user of ACV so I don't really care if it's hype or not. I do care when people pass personal assumptions as "science-based"

  12. losing 4 pounds in 3 months may not look impressive but if u combine with a good diet AND weight training, that would be way more effective

  13. Not defending acv or anything but you can't really say whatever is helpful about acv should be in a regular apple doesn't make sense considering you fermented then chemically changed its properties. It's no longer the same thing. Even cooking a food can change it's nutritional content.

  14. No offense Jeff, but you need to stick to lifting videos. You are not a nutritional guru. Saying "losing 4 lbs in 12 weeks is very minor"… They lost 4lbs without changing diet. That is actually quite impressive, if you assume changing the diet could even enhance this. Additionally stating "Any benefits of the mother could be got from eating an apple" is just silly. Thats like saying a grape is the same as wine. Just not a smart conclusion.

    Finally, your conclusion that it's "busted" is because all vinegar have benefits. WOW!! So it has benefits, but its not unique so this is busted! Really bad analysis here man.

  15. "Probably", "my assumption", "probably", "may not", "I would imagine" etc……dude really? A skeptic is not a cynic. You haven't earned any credibility with me here at all.

  16. This videos attitude is very poor if you are interested in science. You just said their is no research on the "mother" yet have a scathing tone. The mother is simply a living replicating organism… thus the name. Some vinegars are pasturised thus dead and can't replicate. The mother can't be the same as an apple so that's just a fascile comparison.
    For some people it reduces arthritic pain and swelling taken each morning diluted with water.
    I have never heard about it being used for teeth whitening. There are quite a few studies on the vinegar for other aplications.
    I don't think you have done a well reasoned review on this one. In fact it's the worst video you have done. The comments are more useful than the video.

  17. If you use apple cider Vinegar with the mother one teaspoon with 8oz of water it will get rid of heartburn and acid reflux like magic ! there if good bacteria and good enzymes in the mother thats what does it !

  18. I’ve personally been drinking 2 teaspoons a day among working out, on a fat burner during the day and a different one while I sleep and eating extremely lean and healthy , working out 6 times a week and making sure I hit 10k steps a day I loose about 2 pounds a week.

  19. Public Enemy did a track about Apple cider vinegar, they called it Don't Believe the Hype.
    Although it will help with indigestion.👍🏻

  20. Helped me with my a-1c and blood sugar …I have energy now and I lost works but take other supplements like magnesium, multi vitamins and http 5works for me….it works well with gree tea too but eat something when you take it .. it can make your blood sugar low.

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