Africa's CHEAPEST Street Food!! Lagos, Nigeria Food Tour!! Updated for 2022

Updated: May 25, 2022



34 Comments on “Africa's CHEAPEST Street Food!! Lagos, Nigeria Food Tour!! Updated for 2022”

  1. I’m Nigerian, and I’m loving this channel, the authenticity is mind blowing. You don’t see a lot of foreigners interested in our culture.

  2. Shaki is known as Tripe in England. I love how he just gets stuck into everything.. 9ja food is so flavorful and delicious. 😍😍😍

  3. That woman is stunning! I hate to admit I would only have the nerve to maybe taste two or three of the dishes and no one is throwing shade but I really wish he hadn't ask the guy if he was a rapper but then they could have easily cut it and they didn't, so points there? Haven't seen the channel before, will be back to check it out! Especially if she shows him other food areas! Give her a job (if she wants it) and have her travel with the company!

  4. This is why corona is out people are gross. People don’t even use soap in some countries to wash pots…sick of this no we aren’t this together when people don’t even know how to stay sanitary in 2020

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